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Skiing and surfing in the one day

Posted by Ethan Hill on
Skiing and surfing in the one day
As coaches of Troggs Surf School, operating in Portrush, we seek the thrill of surfing and skiing, sports which require similar skills in balance and coordination. This week one of our head coaches, Albert, travelled to Canada for snow, and we were lucky to get snow at home!

We haven’t witnessed thick snow since 2010 as the salty environment on the North Coast usually prevents the snow from lying. When we saw the weather forecast suggesting an opportunity to ski and surf on the same day, in the same location, we were prepared.

There are few places on the planet where you can experience this sporting luxury such as the Pyrenees area between France and Spain, as well as areas in Tasmania, and California. It was a unique experience to ski down the sand dunes at White Rocks Beach, facing the ocean we know well, before diving in for a surf head-to-toe in neoprene. To do this without expense, on our doorstep, was so memorable!

If you want to join Troggs Surf School to gain skills and seek these thrills don’t hesitate to reach out - we are keen to share our passion.

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