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Safety brief is the same for all activities.
A full safety brief will be given at the start time of the lesson offered by Troggs surf school Instructors. The safety brief will outline the rules that must be followed during any water-based activity offered by us, including surf lessons, paddleboard lessons, beach/water activity.
Safety Brief / Rules to follow:

  •  You must always obey the instructors and lifeguards.
  •  You must always follow any arm signals or whistle signals given by the instructors and/or lifeguards.
  •  You must always alert one of the instructors or lifeguards directly by communication if you wish to leave the water.
  •  If you are under 18 you are not allowed to leave the lesson at any time unless a parent / guardian is present, and you have told an instructor or lifeguard.
  •  You must always stay in a maximum depth of waist depth water and never be out of your depth.
  •  You must keep a safe distance between others in the water.
  •  You must always wear your leash (on your ankle if you are surfing and, on your wrist, if you are bodyboarding) when you are in the water.
  •  You must always alert an instructor or lifeguard if you are frightened or feel like you are in difficulty.
  •  You must cover your head when you fall off your surfboard or bodyboard in the water.
  •  It is your own responsibility to wear sun block if you feel the weather conditions require you to do so.
  •  You must adhere to any coronavirus restrictions that Troggs Surf School have in place that are there for your safety.